Emotional Intelligence in the Armed Forces

Staff officers lead multidisciplinary and multinational teams, in many cases with a specific mission and for a limited time. Elements such as isolation, uncertainty or risk, have a significant impact on the dynamic and must be taken into consideration when it comes to making decisions. In addition to the technical knowledge, they need also to understand the emotional dynamic group, observe, analyze and act accordingly.

We talked about Emotional and Social Intelligence. How the group pressure acts, the effect of authority or emotional contagion and the main competences the leader will have to develop. Identifying what is happening to the group and why, so that, they can implement the most appropriate leadership strategies.

As usual in this course, the students approach the subject with an open attitude and willingness to learn. Hopefully we met their expectations and have been able to contribute to their professional development. One more year, it was a pleasure to have this space to "think together" and to address old problems with new schemes.

Noemi Galindo Vallejo