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Working parents committed with their careers

We are leading the release in Spain of Parent Scheme, a platform that provides coaching and training for current and future working parents and those who manage them. 

The project pursues the following objectives:

  • To increase engagement over the working parent lifecycle.

  • To align personal priorities with professional expectations and requirements.

  • To improve wellbeing and confidence after periods of leave.

  • To help organizations to build a culture of authentic support for working parents.

  • To promote the ability of individuals to be proactive in this career stage.

  • To operate within a wider inclusion and diversity framework.

The topics covered in the platform include all angles and possible situations: Working Parent lifecycle, Childcare, Career, Parent-min, and Well-being. There is also a specific section for Managers who have fathers and mothers in their teams. 

Based on its commitment to inclusion and diversity, Parent Scheme:

  • Uses a warm, graphic style that appeals to all parents, regardless of sex, ethnic background or personal circumstances.
  • Provides information and resources for the full spectrum of issues facing working parents, without making assumptions about their choices or path to parenthood.
  • Deploys a coaching-based approach that focuses on the individuality of the people we work with.
  • Encourages working parents to be sensitive to the needs and priorities of colleagues who may not be parents but face their own challenges in working life.
  • Drives a clear understanding of the business case for managing working parents well, while raising awareness of how employees in this phase can be best supported.