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31 January, 2018

Music and team bulding

Percussion, gospel or choir workshops, where the participants, guided by musicians and business coaches, live a fun learning experience about teamwork.

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26 January, 2018

Training in the theater

More and more clients are deciding to use the theater and its techniques for soft skills workshops. The learning experience and the outcome achieved guarantee the formula.

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03 November, 2017

An engaging leadership style

What do you want to have at work? Managers who say they listen but really don’t? Who are promoted due to job expertise but have no “people skills”? Managers who get the job done but leave a demotivated environment? Nobody wants this, right? But unfortunately, it happens very often.

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18 September, 2017

Teaming up through each stroke of the oars

Sailing in a trawler is a practical exercise aimed at learning about alignment, coordination, shared effort, listening, collaboration, humility and driving results. All of these are key elements of effective teams.

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22 December, 2016

Learn by playing how to give feedback

We combine gaming and story-telling in a unique programme, that allows the student to learn through play until they are competent and confident in managing a feedback conversation.
If you would like to see a demonstration video, please click here: https://youtu.be/YTUJd9kmXuY
If you would prefer to actually see the programme working, please contact us so we can give you access.

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14 February, 2016

Team coaching

Team Coaching: A safe space in which all group members feel inclusive.

The first step was the change from doing to thinking, and the final one is the move from thinking to feeling.

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13 February, 2016

Training is dead. Long live learning.

It is something not studied but discovered. Long PWP presentations, online training through endless slides and multi-option questions have given way to gamification and the experience learning. These formulas hook up participants and make participation grow exponentially.

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11 January, 2016

El síndrome de Speedy Gonzales

Be disorganised. It is quite simple. Being disorganised includes crossing off tasks from the agenda, take your time for doing things, observe what is happening in your surroundings and stop doing what dislikes you. Maybe your intuition or your body will simply warn you. Accept coincidences as such, because they could hide some pearls.
I do not know if you will be more effective, but you surely will be happier.

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