To reach wherever you need to go

The most valuable knowledge is usually from those with experience. This is why we are committed to Mentoring as a means of promoting talent and managing knowledge.

We operate in stages:

  1. Mentor recruitment and training. We identify the people with the most valuable knowledge and experience. After inviting them to be part of the mentoring team, we provide them with adequate training so that they can deploy the tools that guarantee the effectiveness of the mentoring.

  2. Needs identification and selection of Mentees. We survey the organization to identify learning needs and the people who require it.

  3. Matching of Mentors and Mentees. We profile the people included in each of these two groups and look for the best synergy between them to achieve the best possible match.

  4. Monitoring and support of the process. We open spaces for exchange in which all those involved have the opportunity to report on their experiences and achievements. These forums enrich, encourage and promote a spirit of shared learning.

Which areas are improved by mentoring?

Organic learning 95%
Internal networking 95%
Cultural change 85%