True listening

TEAM COACHING is a shared learning channel in which the group becomes a whole. We generate a space where needs, perceptions and expectations are expressed, to later and jointly work towards reaching agreements that improve coordination, cooperation, communication and climate.

The process

The working process is as follows:

    1. Opening phase: Team members share their feelings and perceptions in a calm and respectful environment.

    2. Analysis phase: The situations and challenges that the team is facing and the way in which they are facing them are reviewed in a shared manner.

    3. Proposal phase: ideas are exchanged to address current problems with the new approach they now share.

    4. Agreement phase: Consensus is reached on the set of actions to be undertaken and how the team will engage internally and externally.

This work consists of several sessions, usually three or up to four, with an average duration of three hours each. It requires all team members to be present at all sessions. It is best done in a different location from the usual work place, preferably in a quiet, secluded space.

Which areas improve with team coaching?

Sense of belonging 85%
Social intelligence 95%
High performance 95%