More connected than ever


Videos: We combine characters, images and concepts to explain and exemplify new ways of working.

Training games: Immersed in a story, the player is faced with different situations in which they must decide what to do. The game leads them to observe the consequences of those decisions. Elements such as points, levels, rankings and individual and team challenges make the experience fun and engaging for the participants.

Additional elements: We combine other elements (tests, self-assessments, milestones, etc.) with the above-mentioned, to generate a complete itinerary that guarantees maximum effectiveness throughout the learning process.

We have our own e-learning platform: www.ekalearning.com. In addition to carrying out the different in-company training we provide, we periodically upload new content that responds to the companies’ current needs.

Which areas improve with online training?

Soft skills 80%
Organizational culture 75%
High performance 85%