Bridging the gap

Whether we work face-to-face or through a video-conference platform, we use the Flipped Classroom methodology.


This methodology uses the following processes:

  1. Experience: We conduct activities that put the usual way of doing things to the test.

  2. Observation: We analyze behaviors and reactions that have been put in place and the outcomes they have led to.

  3. Conceptualization: We contrast the experience with the most suitable concepts and tools.

  4. Conclusion: We generate ideas for professional improvements and for change.

  5. Action: We plan the changes within the everyday work dynamics for their progressive deployment.

In our experience this is the best approach to skills training. The end goal is always the implementation of new ways of working. It is not enough to come away with good ideas or simply learn interesting concepts.

Which areas are improved by face-to-face and virtual training?

Professional growth 95%
Learning communities 90%
Talent management and development 95%