The formula for success

We find the best talent and help the best talent find you. The key to achieving this is a combination of rigor and innovation.


We work with a 4.0 methodology both online and in person:

  • Profiling of positions to be filled and design of the process: We identify the ideal profile both at a technical and soft skills level and plan the processes that will allow us to find the right people.

  • Search: We combine different means: databases, social networks, job portals and networking.

  • Pre-selection: We carry out a first screening that allows us to identify those who fit the technical profile with a match of more than 90%.

  • Selection: In addition to interviews based on key incidents, we design a battery of tests or “Assessment Center”, which allows us to observe how candidates perform in situations very similar to those they will later encounter in the job.

  • Decision and follow-up: Once the person is selected and after their hiring, we monitor them for the first three months. We guide both the person and their managers so that this first stage is successful and rewarding for both.

Which areas improve with a talent acquisition system?

Employer branding 90%
Organizational development 75%
Competitiveness 70%