I'll believe it when I see it

We help companies to handle the transition process. We accompany individuals in achieving their goals in a new professional stage.

We employ a series of tools that are the key to this process:

  • Employability analysis: we perform a scan of the skills needed to successfully reorient your professional career and provide each individual with the corresponding feedback in the following areas: personal branding, communication, emotional intelligence, self-management skills, and digital skills.

  • Digital platform: through our platform we provide ideas, solutions and guidelines for the employment transition.

  • Training: we conduct training sessions in small groups to improve and strengthen the areas of development identified in the employability analysis.

  • Coaching: we support the individual from the employability analysis until they have achieved the professional objective that they set for themselves. To this end, we hold regular work sessions and we are in permanent contact.

Which areas are improved with our career transition system?

Employee journey 95%
Employer branding 85%
Sustainability 90%